with a passion for sound, I developed many Eurorack modules & tools 

catered to my needs in sound design & creative exploration

Clock Generator

clock generator with swing function 

Envelope Generator

transforms any trigger or gate into a smoothened signal with attack & release controls

Electra Distortion

2 channel distortion based on the Electra Distortion


3 x vactrol based VCA´s & 2 x multiples

Envelope Follower

converts audio into an envelope signal with attack & release control to shape the output signal

Lunar Landing

experimental synthesizer for generating complex soundscapes


4 channel audio / cv mixer

Amplifier / Trigger Generator

Amplifier capable of 50 x gain & Trigger generator using built in piezo disk on panel

Diode Clipping

passive diode clipping with 2 switchable diode configurations

Mono / Stereo Breakout

3 channel mono/stereo breakout

Prototyping Boards

solderable breadboard style prototyping board with reverse polarity protection power section

Touch Plate

2 channel signal manipulator

Tribal Touchplate

2hp signal manipulator, switch & attenuator

Classic Touchplate

2hp signal manipulator, switch & attenuator

you can find more information via the links below