Nicolas Fellas is a sound engineer/sonic enthusiast

exploring the field of sound & its importance in our

daily lives as an essential tool for our existence.

At an early age, being exposed to psychedelic music

and synthesizer based sounds sparked an interest

in exploring the existence of these sounds and

how powerful of an impact they have on the listener.

Throughout the early years, diving into electronic music

dictated the future path that will be taken as a career

and as a hobby / passion, specifically after listening

to acid music created using the Roland TB-303.

Deciding to pursue a career in the music industry,

Nicolas moved to Berlin to study Electronic Music

Performance to gain the skills needed to explore

sound production on a professional level, followed

by studying Sound Engineering to master the technical

skills required for working in the field of sound

During the studying period, an interest in Electronics

and Synthesizers led to a path of developing different

devices such as an Electromagnetic Field Pickup, A

biodata sonification device, and a series of Eurorack

standard synthesizer building blocks designed for DIY

beginner friendly & budget workshops to inspire and

motivate creators & artists to explore the sound field

These devices then opened the door to curating & presenting

installations in different cities & venues around Europe.

IPSE , Berlin

Goa Club , Rome

Urban Spree , Berlin

Suicide Circus , Berlin

Haimney Gallery , Barcelona

After completing the Sound Engineering BA,

Nicolas started an internship at MONOM studio

as a Technical Assistant , helping with several

day to day tasks , in addition to helping artists

explore the 4DSOUND system & supporting them with

technical knowledge to materialize their ideas

When the internship period was over, Nicolas was

employed as a Technician to continue supporting

Artists and working on technical advancements for

the studio , in addition to preparing for many

events, performances, and installations including

Aphex Twin

Jean Michel Jarre

CTM Festival

Red Bull Music Academy

Richie Hawtin CLOSE

This led to opportunities such as a 1 month residency at the SSI,

where a spatial composition was developed for GOOGLE I/O,

which was presented at their yearly conference in San Francisco.

These experience opened the door to a different understanding

of the potential of the 4DSOUND system, which strongly affirmed

the already existent interest and fascination in spatial sound,

which enforced the commitment and focus of establishing a career

in the spatial sound field as a Technical Manager of The Works.

Currently based in Budapest, Nicolas is providing technical support

as the Technical Manager of The Works Research Institute and also

Organizing a series of monthly DIY workshops of Eurorack modules

in collaboration with the Anti Social Society center.


still on a constant path of exploration & knowledge expansion,

Nicolas is always looking for the next opportunity to share

and learn with intent to impact individuals and encourage

them to also explore their own interests and paths, creating

artists & supporting culture by emphasizing the importance

of collective knowledge & awareness through sound .