Interactive Installations

Haimney Gallery  I  Barcelona , Spain

As part of the Universal Techno Exhibition , The second floor of the Haimney Gallery in Barcelona was transformed into an Interactive Playground for people to explore their effect on nature using the Plant-Machine & the power of brain entrainment using the Dream Machine , Creating a space for artists and people to explore their curiosities.

Goa Club  I  Rome , Italy

Adapting the Interactive Plant Installation to a club setting ,  people were encouraged to come and try  to create a connection with the plant and enjoy being part of generating sounds on a club soundsystem with extreme depth and balance to the sound

Urban Spree  I  Berlin , Germany

In collaboration with Disconnekt & Fara Peluso , the Art room was converted into a biological ecosystem through plant & Fara´s interest in biology & mycology , in which she creates installations using Mushrooms

IPSE  I  Berlin , Germany

In collaboration with Disconnekt, we utilized the outdoors area to have a 6 hour self running installation during the night up until the morning.  The Installation was working as a biofeedback system where the impulses of the soil were triggering the system, and with the added touch of a person, the system would then change the patterns and rhythms it was operating on 

Setups & Installations

MONOM  I  Berlin , Germany

MONOM is Berlin's Center for Spatial Sound, home to the world's most advanced spatial sound instrument - built by 4DSOUND 

Red Bull Music Academy  I  Berlin , Germany

One of the largest spatial sound systems in the world, the Symphonic Sound System harnessed the pristine acoustics of Saal 1, the legendary orchestral recording hall within Funkhaus Berlin. The floating array of 102 omnidirectional speakers, custom designed by 4DSOUND, enveloped both artist and audience in rich spatial detail, inviting exploration of new symphonic territories within the walls of the storied venue. 

SSI  I  Budapest , Hungay

The Spatial Sound Institute is a research and development centre for spatial sound technologies and practices founded by 4DSOUND. 

Google I/O  I  San Francisco , California

4DSOUND designed and built an immersive sound environment for Google I/O 2019 using a large scale spatial array of Omniwave loudspeakers (by Bloomline Acoustics), hosting performances that integrate new interactive technologies with 4DSOUND spatial audio processing. 

The Works Research Institute  I  Budapest , Hungary

The Sphere is a precision acoustical instrument for experiential sound research. In the Sphere, soundwaves are projected on the user within the audible frequency range as well as extending above and below – sound that cannot be heard but can be felt. Involving stimuli and feedback response, the Sphere observes how the soundfield influences the focus and state of the listener and tunes more precisely to induce a state of balance